English rakugo 「えいごらくご」

The Department of English as an International Language has a long tradition of staging rakugo performed in English「英語落語」. This event is held annually and is always well-received by a full house. Once again, this popular event was held this month on campus at Osaka Shoin Women’s University in Enkei Hall.

The professional rakugo storytellers were joined by two very talented storytellers of our own, So-chan and Chi-chan. Both of them are two very accomplished young ladies, who are about to graduate from our university and embark on a lifetime of new and wonderful experiences. We are very proud of them.

Not only did they deliver their words flawlessly, but what was particularly impressive were their facial expressions and hand gestures. This made their stories compelling listening.

            The event was coordinated by Okawachi-sensei and emceed by former department head, Fujisawa-sensei. We extend our sincere appreciation to them also, for their professional behind the scene performances.

            Many people are looking forward to this event in 2024.